"About "Zangaar

The Zangaar series portrays women in a tyrannical society, forced to be strong and persevere. Each frame deals with one of these conditions. Zangaar, which is a compound name of “Zan” means woman and “Negare” means graph that shows the image of women, and the word “Zangaar” itself means rusting of iron, which indicates the damages have been done to women’s bodies in paintings.

The ideation of this collection started in 2014 and the execution of the paintings lasted until 2016. This was my first experience in painting in my favorite style (surrealism) and it had many challenges for me. Because in this style, mental images are executed realistically, and transferring these images in a believable form, was so hard.

Despite some well-known galleries preventing me from showing my paintings because of their consept, I managed to show them in a few galleries, which were well received and involved the emotions of the audience, which was very satisfying for me.

After the good reception that was received in the exhibitions, two magazines interviewed and reviewed Zangaar collection, featuring my paintings on the covers. One was published in Iran and the other in Dallas, USA.

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